• Database server installation, configuration and monitoring
  • Implementing high availability solutions
  • Implementing backup and recovery strategies
  • Query performance tuning
  • Database server configuration review and tuning
  • Data warehouse development and maintenance
  • Database architecture
  • Integration Services package development
  • Data integration
  • Analysis Services multi-dimensional cube development and tuning.
  • DBA team leadership and management
  • Implementing database security

Specialized Services

XRay – audit your database servers and provide feedback.

Many DBA’s are thrown into the trenches with minimal training because there’s no one else around to do this job. Although SQL Server looks relatively simple, it’s actually very complex. Sure, you can click a few times to create a database, but such database isn’t likely to scale to adequately serve your organization’s needs. We can quickly review your setup and offer advise based on many years of experience, industry standards and advanced training.

Preventive maintenance – continuous monitoring and review of scheduled jobs, error logs.

You go to the dentist every few months to have your teeth cleaned and checked out – great. But hopefully you also brush your teeth (at least) daily to ensure they remain healthy. Databases need this type of preventive maintenance / prophylactic care as well. Our team can setup the maintenance routines and monitor the success of such routines to keep the plates running smoothly. We also offer continuous monitoring of database servers to assure continuous uptime.

Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals patching and upgrading your servers.

It happens to the best of us – even if we brush and floss daily, sometimes things just wear out. Every business application uses at least one database and data happens to be the second most important asset of your enterprise. To guarantee proper operation of your databases and assure security of your data we need to patch your servers regularly. And if you’d like to make the best of Microsoft’s data platform we’ll need to upgrade your servers to the latest release of SQL Server.

Orthodontics – database performance tuning.

Who doesn’t like a pretty smile? If you’ve ever had braces, you know it takes a little while to straighten your pearly whites. Database tuning is also an iterative exercise, but thankfully, when you call BDBA, it won’t take nearly as long and won’t be near as painful. Whether it is tuning a single query, a series of stored procedures or the whole application, we can help ensure that your databases smile big.