Databases Done Smart (DDS)…that’s our mindset. We all know that no database platform is perfect. Whether your DBA’s are experienced or relatively new to SQL Server, you may need some help with architecture, infrastructure management or administration. Reasons for engaging us could be lack of cycles for your existing personnel,  limited internal training, temporary spike in requirements and so on. We are here to help fill any void you experience with your SQL Server databases.

With each team member having over 20 years of SQL Server experience, we’ve been there and done that. We love working with all size of businesses, from start ups to the global enterprise level. We can help you with implementing best practices, fixing performance problems, designing systems from the ground up, system upgrades, data migrations, and more. We will not only work for you, but also provide mentoring to your team.

Check out our list of services and contact us today to learn more.